She tilts her head at you.  Eyes pleading, “How about now?  Is it time to go now?”

You look at her.   “What is it? What do you want?”

She sits. Huffs. Walks to the door and back. “Oh,” you ask, “You want to go outside?” You grab the leash.  She spins in a quick circle.

“Well, where do you want to go?” She runs to the door, looks back over her shoulder.  “I don’t care,” that looks says, “You always pick the best spots.”

You’re welcome:


Really, you could come here four different times and have four different “best dog park” experiences. The place is massive, with three acres of land for your dog to run and play — get ready — off leash! So you can sit and pretend you’re getting the exercise while watching your canine companion frolic. Piedmont Park also offers separate enclosures for large versus small dogs. Shade for you, sun for them. And don’t miss the weekend concessions, including King of Pop’s doggy popsicles!


Another off-leash park, this one in the Old Fourth Ward. What can you find here? The Howloween Annual Pet Parade & Festival.  Enough said.


Small dog? Then head to this small park. Lazy dog? This park works, too. Large, over-energetic dog, and you go for the bull-in-a-china-shop vibe? Look no further. Atlantic Station Dog Park is convenient and friendly, if not a tad tiny.

Mahm thought I’d look cute in a swing…*stares disapprovingly*

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A hidden gem, known for its tranquility and beautiful flowers in spring and summer. This oasis can be an escape from the hubbub of Midtown. This park is popular with dog owners, but be aware of leash laws, as you can get cited if a park is not specifically designated by the City of Atlanta as a dog park.

Hopefully once you’re home, your best friend will be all tuckered out. A little too tuckered out? Then don’t forget to stop by our Pet Spa.

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