They’ve emerged from under the sea into an Instagram delicacy. This glorified fish bowl, otherwise referred to as a poke bowl, has made its way to Atlanta. Equally delicious as they are photogenic, these bowls are often packed with healthy and delicious ingredients like raw fish, red cabbage, sesame oil, crabmeat masago, pickled ginger, sweet onions and wasabi, just to name a few. Check out our top picks for the best bowl of poke in Atlanta!

Poke City

Poke City’s menu boasts the trifecta of foodie culture buzzwords. Grab poké burritos, an acai bowl, or a fish bowl at this trendy poke bar. Some fan favorites include The Waikiki, a poke burrito (salmon, lettuce, red onion, kale, crabmeat, masago, carrot, red cabbage, sesame oil, furikake, tempura flakes, original and spicy mayo sauce) and The Classic (tuna, lettuce, sweet onion, cucumber, masago, sesame seeds, sesame oil, Hawaiian salt, the original and ginger shoyu sauce). Wash down these delicious raw fish treats with a glass of golda kombucha or a refreshing cup of coconut water. Check out their full menu here!

Fish Bowl Poke

Proudly Atlanta’s first poke restaurant, the folks at Fish Bowl know what they’re doing when it comes to crafting the perfect poke concoction. In fact, they’re so confident in their ingredients that they leave the menu making up to their customers. Their 6-step process to building a bowl demands you pick your size, pick your base, pick your protein, pick your marinade, pick your toppings, and pick your aioli. Hungry diners choose from an assortment of healthy and delicious ingredients like sushi rice, salad, spicy tuna, salmon, crab meat, ginger, avocado, sesame seeds, sweet chili, red onion and more! The fate of your bowl is in your own hands at this (r)awesome poke bar! View their full menu here!

Bowl Lab

Bowl Lab firmly believes that bowls are the best way to eat your food, and are committed to filling theirs with quick, healthy, and fresh food! With one of the more extensive poke bowl menus in Atlanta, there are plenty (nearly too many) options to choose from. Our top 3 are the Sunny Salmon (salmon, shrimp, green and red onion, pineapple, masago, edamame, crab salad, pickled ginger, wasabi, yuzu ponzu, Japanese white aioli and coconut flakes), the Aloha Umami (tuna, seared albacore, green and red onion, edamame, hijiki seaweed, cucumber, seaweed salad, pickled ginger, wasabi, umami ponzu and furikake), and the Veggie Lover (fresh tofu, avocado, green and red onion, chickpeas, cilantro, kale, cucumber, seaweed salad, carrot, umami ponzu, asian ginger and sunflower seeds). They also make a great acai bowl if you’re not in a raw fish mood. Take a peek at their full menu here!

Poke Burri

Of all the poke spots in the metro Atlanta area, Poke Burri claims to the sushi burrito and alternatively shaped poke like no other. Browse their menu and you’ll discover a range of poke dishes including poke donuts, poke burritos, poke nachos, and much more. The salmon poke donut is a crowd favorite, along with the Demogorgon burrito roll (spicy tuna, lettuce, red cabbage, cucumber, eel sauce, spicy mayo, and tempura flakes), and the “SUPER” Poke Bowl (fresh tuna, salmon, spicy tuna, crab salad, lettuce, beets, carrots, cabbage, cucumber, avocado, edamame, seaweed salad, eel sauce, spicy mayo, and pickled ginger). With an overwhelming selection of options, you’ll be sure to find the poke dish of your dreams.

Head on over to one of these delicious poke bars, and remember, fish are friends AND food!

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