Ah autumn, the time of year when eating a hearty dessert with every meal is acceptable and often encouraged in the name of comfort. Whether you’re about seasonal sweet treats or a year-round dessert hound, delicious pie is a unifying common-ground! There’s really no way to go wrong with pies, but if you’re gonna indulge you might as well do so with the best pies Atlanta restaurants have to offer. 

Note: We know there’s no better comfort food than your mom’s homemade pie, but unless she’s prepared to serve the masses, we’ll have to stick to these fine options for now.

Buttermilk Sky Pie Shop 

Best Seasonal Pie: Caramel Turtle

In case the name caramel turtle doesn’t paint a clear enough picture, think gooey chocolate, thick strips of caramel, brownie chunks, and crumbled pecans enveloped in a buttery shortbread crust. 

Sweet secret: Join their pie club and get free pie on your birthday! 

Buttermilk Skypies

Buttermilk Sky Pie

The Pie Hole

Best Seasonal Pie: Toasted Pumpkin Spice

The Pie Hole weaves a web of flavors into every pie, their Toasted Pumpkin Spice special is no exception! Lustrous pumpkin filling is stuffed into a Biscoff cookie crust and topped off with a divine toasted marshmallow medley. This seasonal pumpkin pie is the perfect holiday hybrid: great for Halloween and suitable for Thanksgiving! 

Pie Hole Pumpkin Pie

IG @pieholeroswell

Mary Mac’s Tea Room 

Best Seasonal Pie: Traditional Pecan

Okay, so we lied a little with this one, the pecan pie is available year-round, but tastes especially good as we transition from summer to autumn. The folks at Mary Mac’s are famous for offering all kinds of southern sweets, but their pecan pie is a slice of crumbly, syrupy goodness that is not to be missed. Their peanut butter pie (pictured) and key lime pie are close runner-ups. 

Mary Macs Tea Room Pecan Pie

Yelp/La S.

Honorable Mentions:

Sweet Potato Tart at Sweet Auburn Bakery 

Classic Apple Mini Pie at Panburys Double Crust Pies (Panburys Pies)

Blueberry Pie from Sugar Shack

Cherry Pie from Southern Sweets Bakery

Buttermilk Pies from Southern Baked Pie Company 

Treat yourself to these southern baked pies any day of the week at these local pie havens!


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