Il cibo Italiano ad Atlanta è molto buono. For those of you not fluent in Italian, that said that the Italian food scene in Atlanta is great! Fans of pasta and pizza can rejoice knowing that Midtown Atlanta has plenty of amazing options to satisfy that craving for Old Country cuisine. While most people think of Italian food as just spaghetti or macaroni, but there is a huge world of flavors just waiting to be explored! From the rich tomato sauces of Napoli to the fresh seafood of Sicily, Italian cuisine has something for everyone. Try one of our favorite Midtown Italian restaurants and vivi la tua miglior vita (live your best life!)

Princi Italia

Princi Italia is a crossroads of traditional Italian recipes and new, exciting creations. They use a wood fired oven to make authentic Napolitano style pizzas with the perfect blend of crispy on bottom and gooey on top. And save room for dessert. There are a plethora of sorbetto and gelato flavors, and of course no trip to an Italian restaurant would be complete without a perfect silky and rich tiramisu!

Bellina Almentari

When you are looking for an Italian experience instead of just an Italian meal, head to Bellina Almentari. This Italian cultural hotspot is a restaurant and wine bar, marketplace, and even cooking learning center. Enjoy a meal and pick up something to take home with you all in the same place. then come back later to learn how to make that same meal at home! Bellina Almentari sources its ingredients from farms and ranches with humane and responsible farming techniques, so you can rest easy that your meal comes with the highest ethical standards. It’s the perfect place to eat, drink, shop, and learn.

Ecco Midtown

Ecco takes the Italian cookbook and adds a whole new exciting chapter. With meats they cure themselves, housemade pastas, and even herbs grown in a rooftop garden, you know everything you eat at Ecco will be the freshest it can be. Esquire named Ecco one of it’s “Best New Restaurants in America” when it opened, and it has continued to live up to the name. Their charcuterie boards are a work of art, the flatbreads are inspired, and the wine selection is unbeatable. Don’t miss out on the fried goat cheese with a honey drizzle. It’s a game changer!

Try any one of these Italian eateries and you are guaranteed a meal to remember!

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