It’s official: pizza is America’s favorite food! And it’s not even all that close. With seemingly infinite possible flavor combinations, it’s a sure bet there is a pizza out there to please everyone. And Midtown Atlanta has some amazing options to find the perfect slice. Whether you like it deep dish, thin and crispy, or somewhere in between, try one of these pizza places in Midtown Atlanta and you are guaranteed to leave happy!

Nancy’s Chicago Pizza

The debate about what city has the best pizza is one that can test the strongest bonds of friendship. Some people insist the New York water is necessary for a perfect pizza. Some think the thin crusts of LA are where it’s at. But one city lays claim to the most unique style of pizza: Chicago. The famous deep dish of Chicago is almost a pizza casserole. It’s that hearty. And Nancy’s brings the most authentic Chicago taste to Midtown Atlanta. Each cheesy, gooey slice is almost a meal to itself! And the buttery crust will make you want to cry tears of joy! Don’t be deterred by the sauce on the top. It’s hiding a melty world of goodness unlike anything else you’ve ever tasted.

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We're slicing up goodness each and every day, Atlanta!

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Vinny’s NY Pizza

Now we get to the other big contender for the home of “real” pizza: New York. New York pizza is all about the wide slice with toppings thrown on almost as an afterthought. You start out with a plain pie (cheese pizza) build from there. New York pizza is made to eat on the go, and Vinny’s NY Pizza makes it just right! Make sure you don’t come with a knife and fork. You might be shunned. Just fold your slice in half, turn your head to the side, and chomp away!

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Come get your slices #vinnyspizza

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Atwood’s Pizza Cafe

While pizza is an American favorite, it is, of course, an Italian invention. And the best Neapolitan style pies in Midtown Atlanta can be found at Atwood’s Pizza Cafe. It’s thin crust that is the perfect amount of crispy on the bottom. With less crust, the toppings are the real stars. And Atwood’s uses only the freshest meats and veggies. They also have a fantastic coffee shop feel in the mornings, so you can have breakfast and dinner at the same place!

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Have you tried our gluten free pizza yet?

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 DaVinci’s Pizzeria

DaVinci’s was a labor of love for owner Jason Black. He strives to make a pizza the diner will remember forever. This restaurant is based on the Old World ideal of the Pizzaiolo, a master craftsman in the art of pizza making.  We recommend the DaVinci Deluxe, which comes with Ham, Italian Sausage, Meatball, Pepperoni, Red Onion, Green Pepper, Mushroom, Black Olive, and Tomato!

If it’s game day or date night, pizza is almost always the perfect option. Try one of these places and let us know what you think on Facebook and Instagram. And be sure to follow our blog here for more Midtown Atlanta recommendations!

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