We are living in a golden age of music technology. Never before has the sound quality of popular music been cleaner and brighter, and if we’re being honest, more soulless. There is something about analog sound recording that gives a quality of being in the room with the musicians. The pops and crackles of vinyl provide an ethereal backdrop to the music that makes it feel as though the song is being played just for you. Finding records that have been well preserved can give you an instant tie to the past and make you feel like a part of something bigger than yourself. Atlanta has conveniently gathered some of the best record shops in town to within steps of each other in the historic Little Five Points neighborhood. Here’s your guide to what we’ll call “Record Row.”

Criminal Records

Criminal Records is an Atlanta mainstay. They have a huge selection spanning all genres, and they are known for their awesome events. You can enjoy Free Comic Book Day one week, then come back for a Mumford and Sons concert the next. Or discover a new favorite artist at a record release party and get your album signed at an artist signing event! Don’t have a record player at home? Not to worry. There is a wide array of new and used turntables available at Criminal.


Wax ‘n’ Facts

If you love the movie High Fidelity with John Cusack, you’ll feel right at home at Wax ‘n’ Facts. It’s just a simple, old school vinyl shop with rows and rows of wooden crates to sift through. Find an album you’ve always wanted or take home something new. The staff really know music, but you won’t feel talked down to.

Moods Music

Some people just get that music is a key component of setting an atmosphere. Moods Music falls into that category. They will help you find a record to fit your mood and pair it with incense or candles to really help set the tone. Plus, they have a great selection of t-shirts and gifts for the discerning music fan.

Beat Lab

Beat Lab is more than a record shop. It is a haven for the music professional. You’ll find a mix of Hip Hop, Jazz, and R&B records, plus a world of DJ gear and professional mixing equipment. They’ve got your mixing boards, headphones, cables, cases, accessories, and everything you would need for a pro-quality studio or a gig in the club.

Whether you have been collecting records for years or are just starting to get into the vinyl game, Little Five Points has all you could possibly want to grow your collection.

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