Styles come and go. What was in fashion in one decade may be taboo the next. But give it time. Eventually, there is a good chance that look will come back around and be “in” again. Think the return of bell bottoms in the mid 90s. Or the comeback of big glasses frames. One of the best ways to stay up on the latest (and oldest) trends is by digging through second-hand items at a thrift store. here in Atlanta, there are plenty of opportunities to find buried treasure among the heaps of clothes, accessories, and other vintage goods. Plus, most vintage and thrift stores work together with or help support local charities. It’s a win/win! Check one of these stores for the best finds in town.


Rag-o-Rama carries vintage and classic looks as well as current trends. It is the perfect place to find original looks that will make you stand out in a crowd. They also have a token system where every customer is given a token worth 5 cents. They can either put their token in one of the provided charity boxes or buy a bag to take home their purchases. The charity boxes are then emptied and donated when they get full! So if you want to donate to a good cause while still being able to carry home your treasure trove, be sure to bring your own bag.

Psycho Sisters

Psycho Sisters is a hip store on a hip block in the hip neighborhood of town. Take a stroll through two full floors of clothes in every size, color, and style. The first floor has all your standard wardrobe items. But when you head upstairs, you’ll enter a world of wildness that can be perfect for costumes or just making a bold statement. When you are looking for something funky to add a splash to your ensemble, Psycho Sisters is the best place to start.

Out of the Closet

In their own words, Out of the Closet is “decidedly the world’s most fabulous thrift store.” This chain of vintage goods offers an always rotating selection of the most popular looks of yesterday, today, and maybe even tomorrow. And 96¢ of every dollar goes directly toward AIDS research, testing, healthcare, and medicine for those in need! Nothing makes an outfit look better than when it helps support a worthy cause.

If you want to find what the future of fashion is, just look to the past. And find those looks at these thrift and vintage shops!

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